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Airy Gator Aeration System


The Airy Gator models consist of five to ten vertical shaft-mounted disks. The lower third of the disks are immersed in the water column. As the disks rotate, oxygen is pulled from the surface and introduced into the water column. The Airy Gator is different from other aerators, such as paddlewheels or air diffusers, in that a majority of the flow is unidirectional and can be directed to target specific locations. Directional configuration may allow the systems’ circulation effects to be multiplied – as water is moved downstream from the system, upstream water moves to replace it, creating circulation that exceeds the direct pumping rate of the system.

The vertical circulating disks of the Airy Gator force oxygen down into the water column and converts existing waste water containments into an extended aeration system. The system dramatically increases the dissolved oxygen and circulation. Dissolved oxygen in the water is key to being able to maintain healthy, vibrant aquatic environment. Moving and circulating water helps keep solids suspended in the water and distributes the dissolved oxygen over a large area rather than being contained. When water flow does not exist, water becomes stagnant and allows suspended solids to fall out, covering the bottom, reducing dissolved oxygen, and choking out benthic (bugs) and other aquatic life

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