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Airy Gator Water Treatment Platform


The patent pending Airy-Gator Treatment System was developed to circulate millions of gallons of water per day in directed flows. This treatment platform provides a method to introduce additives or media to remediate algal blooms and improve water quality.

  • Aid in the decomposition of organics
  • Aids to remediate algal blooms
  • Reduce eutrophication
  • Destratify the water column
  • Revive benthic community
  • Improves aquatic habitat
  • Reduce odor
  • Facilitate additional treatment capabilities

The Airy-Gator is a floating treatment platform that consists of five urethane disks mounted on a horizontal motorized shaft. The lower portion of the disks are immersed in the water column. As the disks rotate, water is circulated and facilitates destratification, which is key to maintaining a healthy, vibrant aquatic environment.

This system is unique because it forces directional laminar flow, circulating large volumes of water at a rate of roughly an acre-foot per hour. Directional configuration may allow the systems’ circulation effects to be multiplied – as water is moved downstream from the system, upstream water moves to replace it – creating circulation that exceeds the direct pumping rate of the system. This circulation provides an opportunity to introduce various treatment options to address water quality issues like algal blooms.

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