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Adopting cutting-edge production equipment and strong technical innovation and independent capacity of research and development, Nantong Akcome Production Base is specialized in the production of premium solar aluminum sectional material, construction aluminum sectional material and industrial aluminum sectional material.

Extrusion and oxidation of the aluminum sectional material shall be accepted in strict line with national and industrial standards, with the process controlled in accordance with the national or international standards. Direct-reading spectrometer is equipped for analysis of the chemical component in the aluminum alloy, and a complete set of methods are put in place for inspection of the mechanical performance, oxide film, electrophoretic painting complex film and relevant physical and chemical properties, to ensure the sectional materials in compliance with industrial standards and client’s requirements. Equipment and method as required for treatment of wastewater, exhaust and waste residue by the environmental bureau are configured on site.

Furthermore, for deepening industrial chain and meeting different customer demands, Nantong Akcome configures deep processing production line to provide customers with aluminum profile deep processing services. With continuous business accumulation, the profile production, quality and services of Nantong are recognized and praised by domestic and foreign customers.

At present, annual output of aluminum profiles produced by Nantong Akcome reaches 40,000 tons. Nantong Akcome has 12 extrusion devices with different tonnage and two horizontal oxidation lines. The produced aluminum profiles are widely applied to solar energy, automobile, rail transit, medical treatment and 3C industries.

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