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AKSE is a hydrostatic disc thickener used to thicken fibrous suspensions and sludges up to a given yielding point.

AKSE F    

  • thickening of fibrous suspensions (chemical, mechanical pulp and waste paper)
  • separation of fibrous suspensions from material flows

AKSE S    

  • thickening of sludges (by adding a flocculant)
  • thickening of digester output (by adding a flocculant)

  • material entering between two discs (double discs) rotating on a shaft
  • hydrostatic dewatering process: the material drains through the mesh of the discs into the vat
  • discharge of the thickened stock by the rotation of the discs to the side opposite the inlet

  • AKSE F/S 175: diameter of disks 1,75 m; 1-10 pairs of discs
  • AKSE F/S 300: diameter of disks 3,00 m; 3-16 pairs of discs

  • simple, sturdy, low-cost design easy to maintain
  • hydrostatic dewatering, no downpipes, easy to install
  • simple control from inlet level
  • closed system - possible add-on of suction connection

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