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- Aquaculture Feeding Polyethylene Pipes with Long Life-Span



AKVA group produces PE pipes with state-of-the-art machinery and offers complete pipe systems for high and low pressure applications. High quality raw materials are used throughout and full documentation of the pipe production process can be provided by an in-line scanning system. This provides cost-savings and ensures long, maintenance free lifespan.

High quality feeding pipes
AKVA group produces polyethylene feeding pipes in high quality. Flexible and durable feeding pipes for aquaculture cages. Coil lengths up to 1000 metres are available.

Industry and processing
The excellent corrosion and chemical resistance properties and longterm durability of PE pipe has resulted in the mining and process industries choosing polyethylene as their preferred pipework material.

Water and sewer
AKVA group offers a wide range of Polarcirkel PE pipes for underground water supply and sewerage, all with outstanding performance advantages such as joint tightness, flexibility, abrasion resistance and extremely long durability.

Smaller hydro power plants
More than 40 Polarcirkel pipeline projects have been delivered for hydro power plants since 1990, with up to 900 mm OD and maximum pressure of 20 bar. We can also calculate and optimize the pipe dimension and pressure according to the required waterflow. PE pipes have an extremely smooth interior surface that enables very good flow properties. Stub ends and flanges supplied to powerplant projects are specially designed for high pressure.

AKVA group offers all components required for a complete pipe installation

Custom welded or pressure injection moulded Polarcirkel PE pipe fittings, including: elbows, bends, tees, caps, stub ends, reducers, bushings, adapters, strainers, manifolds, flange systems, electro couplings etc. All in sizes from 20 mm to 900 mm OD.

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