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Model AL-2 - Aqua Belt Filte


Sludge treatment by AL-2 AQUA belt filte. In fish farming, there is always sludge that needs to be treated, in which the volume must be considered as local legislation in many countries enforces environmental fees etc, so it is an important economic aspect to keep the amount of sludge to a minimum. The AL-2 AQUA belt filter has proven to be an efficient system for sludge concentration, with up to 12% dry matter being achieved. A polymer is required to condition the sludge enabling the formation of stable particles which can be drained. The AL-2 AQUA belt filter comes in a variety of sizes and with added on features – the CM AQUA can assist in the proper sizing and design of your sludge treatment system.

The HEX Filters are produced as HEX F1-1 with a single panel and up to HEX F5-9 with 45 filter panels.

  • Filtration range: from 10 micron to 1000 micron.
  • Flow range: from 10 m3/h to 5000+ m3/h for each filter.

We do not want any HEX Filter is delivered with wrong microns or in wrong size as such. We recommend you to take the dialogue with our sales and ensure the correct selection. In case you will become our OEM or Distributor, we shall transfer the knowhow to make first selection on your own and support you on request.

3 variants for the best installation of the HEX Drum Filter


Version C, the model for installation in a Channel

The HEX F in C version is the filter with the lowest investment cost per m3 of filtrated water.

The C versions require a channel installation with level weir in correct lengths, both for overflow and outlet of the filter.

We will inform you the needed wall height and wall lengths needed for any actual installation.


Version H, the special model with a Half tank

The HEX F in H version is a special variant to suite compact installations.

Version H still requires a channel installation with level weir in correct lengths for overflow, but has a build-in outlet level weir.

We will inform you the needed wall height and wall lengths needed for any actual installation.


Version T, the Tank model

The HEX F in T version is a full solution with pipe in and pipe out of the filter.

Normally the T version filter is delivered with the required level weir, for handling both overflow and outlet, build into the tank.

Large size HEX T filters can be supplied with high flow level weirs, having pipe-set package in the tank for handling the high flows.


Critical Parameters

Any HEX Filter installation starts with a demand. In the process to suit the filter to the application, the 2 main parameters are:

  • What micron is needed?
  • Which size of filter is correct?

Maybe you wish to remove a parasite, reduce the load on a bio filter or re-use water for cleaning fruits?

The demands are many and our Biologist Dr. Henrik Mortensen will guide you in the process, as he has done since 1984.

You also want to find the correct size of filter; to be sure it works without having oversized your budget. Here the HEX Filters are unique and we will follow you all the way.

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