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Albarrie’s separator rollers provide separation and protection of extruded aluminum on the lead-out and run-out tables. Typically used in place of graphite blocking and/or pins to separate profiles when using multi-cavity dies or for guiding profiles on the table. Each roller is precision engineered and custom fabricated to your specifications using the same compressed felt design as our fullback rollers.   Unlike graphite pins and blocks, these rollers will not break or chip, are easier to use, safer for your operators, are non-marking, and cleaner.

Each roller is precision engineered and custom fabricated to your specifications. Life Time Service Plan: Albarrie stands behind the quality and durability of these premium rollers by offering a lifetime service plan. If a roller becomes worn after prolonged use, return it to Albarrie for refurbishment at a substantial savings over the cost of replacement.


  • Custom designed based on table and load requirements.
  • Temperature Range: up to 900°F
  • Outside Diameter: 7/8”
  • Length: 6 to 30”

Application Areas:

  • Lead-Out Tables
  • Quench Tanks
  • Run-Out Tables


  • Vertical Separators
  • Horizontal Separators
  • Snubber/Guide Rollers

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