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Routine analysis of 'dirty matrix' samples can contaminate a GC liner, leading to peak broadening and loss of analytes. This can happen within a few GC runs and is due to compound adsorption in the liner, therefore column backflush does not help. Under such conditions, frequent liner replacement is necessary, requiring that the analysis sequence is interrupted while the liner is changed manually. This makes running a large series of samples a serious challenge. GERSTEL's Automated Liner EXchange (ALEX) technology performs automated CIS liner exchange at user defined intervals when used with the GERSTEL MPS. Specially designed trays can hold 14 or up to 98 CIS liners in individually sealed, contamination-free storage compartments. GERSTEL Maestro software provides integrated control of the MPS, ALEX system and CIS. In combination with the Agilent Technologies ChemStation or MassHunter software, a single method and sequence list control the entire system including GC and MSD.

  • Allows automated changing of CIS liner
  • Any number of injections can be specified before liner is changed
  • 14 and 98 position liner racks available
  • Any CIS can be upgraded to ALEX
  • Can be integrated into Agilent Technologies ChemStation/MassHunter Software

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