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The Incinerator is Double chambered. Primary incineration chamber is rotary kiln type and secondary incineration chamber is stationary type. In the Rotary incinerator, the primary chamber of the incinerator keeps rotating. The flue gas and waste travel in opposite direction in the chamber to ensure maximum efficiency of combustion. There is no need for raking of waste. The ash in the primary chamber falls at the bottom and automatically gets collected into ash container.

The rotary chamber is designed to withstand extremely high temperature and is refractory lined and insulated accordingly. The rotary chamber is provided with a variable speed drive to achieve the desired speed of rotation depending on waste being incinerated.

The Rotary-Kiln Incinerator has a long, slightly inclined primary chamber through which waste is moved continuously. The incinerator comprises of a cylindrical mild steel chamber (primary chamber), stationary secondary chamber and flue gas treatment systems. The waste is fed inside the incinerator through hopper and ram loader that operate automatically. The heating is provided with primary and
secondary burners. The outlet withdraws the ash from the incinerator. The flue gases are transferred from the rotary drum into the secondary chamber for post combustion where there is sufficient residence time for flue gases. Thereafter the gases pass through the flue gas cleaning system which is designed as per emission norms required by the customer. The Rotary Kiln Incinerator is suitable for
incinerating all types of waste.

  • Rotating Primary Chamber.
  • Automatic Waste Feeding.
  • Automatic Ash Removal.
  • No waste raking necessary.
  • All hopper operation automatic.
  • Fully Automatic Pressure Jet Burners.
  • Sufficient Residence time of flue gases in Secondary Chamber.
  • Chimney height as per site requirement.

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