Algae In Reservoirs Or Silos



Combating of micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and green water algae in water supplies.

Algae spores are found everywhere in nature, often on trees. These spores are carried into the reservoir water by the air, or they enter through its cover. The number of spores that end up in the water depends on the season. Once the spores are in the water, they develop into algae. AlgaStop continuously fights these algae. As soon as new spores (algae) enter the water, they are immediately destroyed by the effects of cavitation. While this takes place, the water can have a light-green colour.

Advantages in relation to covers:

  • AlgaStop immediately destroys algae
  • Indirect and slower action of covers
  • No covers with undesirable growth
  • Besides algae, AlgaStop also combats viruses, fungi and bacteria.
  • Much more cost-effective.

Covers make sure that no light reaches the algae. Because algae are plants, they’ll quickly become invisible due to the fact that they lose their chlorophyll. As long as the algae are deprived of no more than light, they will survive for weeks or months to come – just like a plant, left in darkness but with everything else it needs, will survive for a long time. As soon as these invisible algae are exposed to light again, they’ll quickly function as normal again and become a problem.

In short: The water beneath a cover might be clear but can still contain live algae.

Viruses, bacteria and fungi are not at all affected by covers.

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