All Prime

- Model I6 - Pump


Net Weight: 413kg (910lbs); Shipping Weights: 437kg (965lbs); Impeller Diameter: 317,5 mm (12,1/2'); RPM: from 850rpm to 1950rpm; Max. Solids: 31,75mm (1,1/4').

850rpm 2,4m (8ft) - 1150rpm 3,0m (10ft)
1450rpm 4,2m (10ft) - 1750rpm 4,5m (15ft)
1950rpm 4,5m (15ft)
before using the table, check the NPSH


  • No confined space entry required
  • Pump located outside the wetwell for easier and cleaner access
  • No heavy lifting equipment required for repairs
  • Powered by standard NEMA motors


  • Removable suction cover allows quick unclogging of pump
  • Primary wear parts, seal, impeller and wear plate, can be changed through removable suction cover
  • Rotating assembly easily removed for shop repairs without disturbing piping


  • Rugged open impellers for solids handling to 3”
  • Both speed and impeller trim can be employed to meet service conditions
  • Impeller design keeps seal pressure low and reduces solids buildup in stuffing box
  • Suction flapper check valve speeds self-priming and eliminates foot valves.

All Prime pumps normal maintenance activities can be done quickly and easily using standard hand tools - saving time and money.

Inspection and cleaning without disturbing piping

An advantage of All Prime Pump is that the front cleanout cover and the rotating assembly can be removed without disturbing the piping, allowing inspection and cleaning in place with little effort. Both the I and S series pumps have this feature.

Adjustment shimless external impeller

An easy to use external impeller clearance adjustment system allows the impeller and wear plate to operate with optimum clearances without disassembly. Using only common hand tools, the pump can be maintained at peak efficiency to extend both impeller and wear plate life.

Automatic self-priming - no suction check valve required

The All Prime I and S series pumps are equipped with a suction check valve but do not require the check valve to be in place to re-prime. The large volume of liquid carried in the volute allows dry suction re-priming.

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