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- Linear Type Food Grade Belt Conveyor

Brief Introduction of Linear Type Food Grade Belt Conveyor Belt conveyor is a kind of material transferring system equipment which can transport various light weight materials, such as bulk material, cartons, bags, and etc. Linear type food grade belt conveyor is one of the most popular conveyor types in food conveying use today. These conveyors have a sheet metal frame with pulleys at either end. The belt slides across the solid metal frame, giving it the name slider bed. It’s an inexpensive, quiet, easily-installed conveyor. Features of Linear Type Food Grade Belt Conveyor 1.Steady conveying, adjustable speed or adjustable height as your need. 2.It has low noisy which is suitable for quiet work environment. 3.Simple structure, easy and convenient maintenance. 4.Standardization of components. 5.Less energy consumption and low cost. 6.No sharp corners or danger to staff, and you can clean the belt freely with water.

1. Convey powder, granula: wheat powder, coconut powder, plastic granula and so on.
2. Convey finished product: potato chips, snacks food, puffed food and so on.
3. Convey box, tray, pellet, parcel etc.
4. Sorting and inspecting fruit like date, apple etc.
5. Also can use in electric, toy, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, posts and telecommunications and any others industry fields.

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