- Model 800 - Copper Granulator



Modern civilization promotes the prosperous development of electric industry and communication industry. In return, huge amounts of cables and wires are put into use. Then, we face a troublesome question: How to deal with those cable scrap? Copper granulator emerges as the needs require.

Copper wire granulator 800 has much complicated processing process. It is made up of a copper wire dual shaft pre-shredder, two conveying machines, a second copper wire crusher, copper separation system, dust collecting system etc.. At first, the pre-shredder will cut the materials into 10-15 mm pieces. Then in the second crusher will crush the materials into 3-5 mm before further separation. The whole material feeding process relies on the conveyors and you can change their conveying speed according to your production. So it will be much more convenient.

  1. The pre-shredder can handle connector, big plugs, metals and other hard materials. The machine can reverse rotating when blocking to ensure smooth production
  2. The second crusher has the function of auto braking. When it is over current, the conveyor will automatically stop.
  3. The whole process adopts air and vibrating separation. There is no need of water and the dust will be fully collected. There will be no pollution.
  4. The machine will be controlled by PLC with star and stop buttons on it. It will work accurately and precisely.
  5. Blades can be disassembled for grounding again and again. If used correctly, their service life could be much longer.

  • Main parts except wear and tear parts will be guaranteed for one year.
  • Delivery only take about 25 days.
  • The machine will be installed together except several parts for easy transport before dispatching. It will be very easy to assemble them together. We will guide you there.

  1. Wire/Cable Range: 1-40mm
  2. Drive: Motor
  3. Power Supply: 75kw
  4. Measurement: 920u*41u0*24uumm
  5. Weight: 8000kg
  6. Processing quantity: 500-800 kg/h

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