Allance Egg Machinery

- Model ALEB series - Egg Breaking Machine

Egg breaking machine is used for breaking and separating eggs. We mainly have three types for your choosing. 1.Eggs Breaking Machine: is only used to break eggs. 2.Eggs Breaking and Separating Machine: is used to break eggs and then separate egg yolk from egg-white automatically. 3.Eggs Breaking Processing Line: is a whole automatic egg processing line with the following process. Egg Breaking Machine Features 1. Adopt food grade 304 stainless steel material, durable, easy to clean. 2. High liquid getting rate, very little egg liquid remnants on the eggshell. 3. Working speed can be adjusted, easy to operate. 4. All the mechanical parts are easy to inspect. 5. Automatically collect eggshell, always keep the environment clean.

This Eggs Breaking and Separating Machine is widely used in bakery, eggs powder factory, liquid egg processing factories, food related with egg liquid factory, etc.

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