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For fast, reliable destruction of hard drives, e-scrap and other data-bearing media: Powerful, cost-effective and secure destruction of hard drives, e-scrap, optical media, mobile devices, laptop computers, and more. Ideal for information destruction service providers, records and information management (RIM) centers, and e-scrap recyclers. Three separate horsepower models — 3 Hp (available in single-phase), 7½ Hp, and 20 Hp — to meet your needs. Model 12HD20 upgradeable to the Allegheny Hard Drive Shredding System—a complete ‘dump & run’ system saving time and labor costs.

To ensure total security, physical destruction of hard drives and other electronic data-bearing media is the most effective and desirable solution.

That’s why every Allegheny Hard Drive Shredder destroys not only standard-size hard drives (up to 1” thick), but also server drives, as well as cell phones, PDAs, smartphones, and electronic storage devices. Our 7½ Hp and 20 Hp models can also completely destroy laptop computers (without batteries). The total destruction of these obsolete devices not only relieves any worry about security risks, but adds a reliable income stream for your business.

Allegheny Hard Drive Shredders are compact powerhouses. Equipped with a gravity-feed input chute and aggressive hooked cutters, these machines offer impressive performance with minimal noise and vibration. Mounted on casters for easy mobility, they can also be installed in a truck for mobile on-site destruction.

Allegheny offers three separate horsepower models: 3 Hp, 7½ Hp, and 20 Hp. With the addition of an optional in-feed conveyor and output conveyor, the 20 Hp model can become a complete system, the Allegheny Hard Drive Shredding System, with full ‘dump & run’ hard drive shredding capability.

Allegheny has recently introduced their new SelecShred™ Hard Drive Shredder. This powerful shredder gives customers the ability to securely destroy both solid state drives (SSD’s) and hard drives on the same machine, as well as most e-scrap products, including cell phones, circuit boards, tapes, and CD’s.

The SelecShred™ Hard Drive Shredder comes in a 7½ Hp. model, which destroys SSD’s to 3/8″ and hard drives to 1½”, and a 20 Hp. model, which shreds SSD’s to 3/4″ and hard drives to 3/8″.

  • Achieves complete destruction of hard drives with no possibility of reconstruction or retrieval
  • Model 5HD3 (3 Hp) is available in 208 or 230 Volt AC single phase
  • Larger models 12HD7.5 (7½ Hp ) and 12HD20 (20 Hp) can destroy most laptop computers (without batteries)
  • Combine optional equipment with the 12HD20 model to make a complete ‘dump & run’ system
  • Angled 5”, 8” or 12” wide in-feed chutes provide ease in feeding
  • CAD/CAM design for precision and maximum shredding power
  • Creates a reliable income stream for your business

An optional in-feed conveyor (variable speed) added to the Model 12HD20 allows the operator to dump boxfuls of hard drives and e-scrap into the hopper. By adjusting the speed of the in-feed conveyor, the operator can regulate the amount of product entering the cutting assembly and thereby minimize jams. An optional output conveyor is available for transporting the shredded materials into a Gaylord box, roll-away container, etc. This configuration, the Allegheny Hard Drive Shredding System, offers a complete ‘dump & run’ system saving valuable time and labor costs.

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