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Indestructible shredding power for the most demanding applications. For secure, high volume destruction, Allegheny’s 1000-Series Shredders are more successful than any in the industry – from 3 tons up to 15 tons per hour. For the most advanced shredding capability (up to 25 tons per hour) and highest level of security, the 1000-Series can be incorporated into an Allegheny Cross-Shredding System. Ideal for contract shredding services, records storage centers, governmental archives, or retention centers requiring high-volume centralized shredding for several locations.


With its proven track record for high volume destruction in the most demanding applications, it’s easy to see why the majority of contract shredding services rely on the Allegheny 1000-Series Shredders.

When you’re investing in a shredding system that will be the cornerstone of your document destruction operation, you want assurance that it is built to withstand heavy, continuous use. That’s why Allegheny’s 1000-Series Shredders are designed, engineered, and manufactured to be the most powerful, reliable, and long-lasting in the industry. Their shredding power is virtually indestructible, and you simply won’t find a more reliable system out there to match its capacity for secure destruction of a wide variety and volume of materials.

The 1000-Series is available in four different models: 30-500C, 36-1000C, 36-1000C HD, and 48-2000C with various horsepower options. This series can generate a significant profit for your company from recycling the large volumes of shredded materials.


  • Excellent reliability proven by decades of heavy use in the most demanding applications
  • Often used with an Allegheny Auto-Feed System to save on labor costs (1 operator can do the work of 2 or 3)
  • Optional impact-resistant T-18 tool steel cutters are built to handle the most abusive applications
  • Powerful drive train utilizing a base-mounted gear reducer is designed to withstand the stress of high volume shredding
  • Opportunity for significant profits from recycling large volume of materials

Optional Equipment

Allegheny offers optional equipment to provide easier disposal of your shredded materials and enable you to turn your waste paper into recycling dollars. We can even custom design a complete shredding system to maximize your shredder’s productivity and reduce your labor costs.

We’ll help you determine the most efficient way to collect materials for shredding, process materials through the shredder, and recycle shredded paper for a profit.

Allegheny will also help you design the physical layout of your system to make the most efficient use of available space and personnel. Using computer-aided design technology we can provide you with a detailed diagram showing the optimal layout of your shredding system within your facility.

Our technicians are available to install our complete shredding system and train your personnel to ensure safe, efficient operation and proper maintenance of your equipment.


Used with a loading cart, security container, or a Gaylord box, the Allegheny 880 or HLS Tipper offers an efficient way to load materials onto your shredder’s input conveyor. This increases the volume of throughput to be shredded and minimizes operator fatigue and strain.


Sorting Conveyors allow the operators to separate materials by grade and type prior to shredding for maximum recycling profits. Primary Conveyors (in-floor or above-ground), Metering Conveyors (see Auto-Feed Systems below), and Output Conveyors allow easy transport of shredded materials into a baler, compactor, dumpster, or other receptacle.

Auto-Feed Systems

This revolutionary system developed by Allegheny greatly increases your shredding capacity while dramatically reducing labor costs. These systems utilize a high capacity Primary Conveyor (in-floor or above-ground) coupled with a variable speed Metering Conveyor, assuring an even flow of paper into the shredder’s cutting assembly. This unique design virtually eliminates jams and minimizes operator fatigue and strain.

Horizontal Balers

Allegheny manufactures a complete line of horizontal closed-end balers and auto-tie open-end balers to increase the efficiency of your shredding operations. Allegheny balers produce dense, superior quality bales that increase your recycling profits. Bale weights range from 800 lbs. up to 2000 lbs.

Consoles & Security Containers

Allegheny provides a full selection of security containers and executive consoles to provide secure storage of documents prior to shredding.

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