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Choose the Low Pressure Flow Adapter for connecting to an ambient air pump or any other low-pressure source. Lightweight and economical, it can be disposed of with the hood assembly or retained for use with a replacement hood. OBAC quick-connect design. Requires Air Supply Pressure Range of 2-40psi. If your air source is high pressure, choose on of three high-pressure controllers. The Adjustable Flow Control Valve features a large gripping handle for easy use even with gloved hands. Requires an air supply pressure range of 20-45 psig. The Personal Air Cooler lowers air temperature from a high-pressure source as much as 25degrees cooler than ambient air. Requires supply pressure range of 55-85 psig. The Air Temperature Controller can adjust air flow 25degrees cooler or warmer than ambient air. Includes a leather sheath. Requires supply pressure range of 85-110 psig. All high-pressure controllers meet NIOSH minimum flow requirements at their lowest settings and offer Hansen fittings.

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