- Model 1-7 - Single Timer - Time-A-Valves



Time-A-Valve shown with an Allenair 3-Way Solenoid Valve. The Time-A-Valveis available with any Allenair Solenoid Valve, Cyl-Check, Index Table, Valve-in-HeadCylinder or other Allenair Solenoid Operated Fluid Power Products. A high quality, Sold State Electronic Timer available integral with any Allenair Solenoid Valve. Eliminates the need for complicated wiring to a control panel. Air circuitry, maintenance and troubleshooting are simplified. Pre-assembled Time-A-Valves are simpler to install than separate timing devices and they are less costly.

  • Sturdy housing and permanent connection make it immune to machine vibrations.
  • Long fife Light Emitting Diode (LED) gives visual indication of solenoid energization.
  • Electrical Override is standard on all timers. Allows direct energization of solenoid coil, bypassing the timer.
  • Only one electrical connection operates both timer and solenoid.
  • Simple, screw-type time adjustments. Lock nut prevents time setting from changing.
  • Time delay and speed control adjustments (on 4-Way Valves) made at the same time and place — at the valve.
  • Compact, space-saving assembly.
  • Timer and solenoid replacements can be made without disturbing the valve body or piping.
  • Auxiliary output is standard. This allows actuation of an external relay or control device and the Time-A-Valve , simultaneously. A load of no more than 1 AMP can be connected to the Auxiliary Output.

Time Ranges
(A) .2-2 seconds
(B) .5-5 seconds
(C) 1-10 seconds
(D) 3-30 seconds

Timer Voltages
(V) 12/60 (W)12VDC
(X) 24/60
(Y) 24VDC
(Z) 120/60

All 10 Time-A-Valve Models are designed only for Allenair Solenoid Operated Valves.

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