Allied Foam Tech Corp.

Allied Foam Tech Corp.

- Model AFT-400 Series - Foam Coatings


AFT 400 series of foam products provide substrates such as cement and concrete with very low water uptake. Cementitious foams at densities as low as one tenth (1/10) that of dense concrete may still maintain lower than 15 % (by volume) water uptake in a 24 hour water immersion test.

AFT-400 provides foamed cement and concrete with excellent early (one day) and 28 day compressive strengths and high water resistance. Such materials are ideal for load bearing or light load bearing panels, blocks, and bricks.

Foamed cement at densities as low as 50 kg/m3 (3 pcf ) with fine cell size can be made with AFT-400. Such highly insulative, very low density cementitious foams, with their high R value and non-flammability, are ideal core materials as wall fill and cinder block inserts.

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