- Intelligent Pump Monitoring and Control System



Continuous diagnosis of the pump complements the capabilities of the ALLMIND system. The results are dramatically lower maintenance and energy costs, elevated safety, and optimized control when bringing the pump to the desired operating point.

  • Modular and flexible concept
  • Adaption to individualized processes
  • One hardware-platform that can handle everything from relatively simple condition monitoring to sophisticated monitoring and control activities involving multiple pumps
  • To be used with both centrifugal and displacement pumps
  • Monitoring pressure, temperature, leakage, vibration, and output
  • Triggering specific reactions for individual pumps
  • Activation of PID controllers
  • Using common frequency converters without intelligence
  • Storing all sensor values for evaluation purposes
  • Start-up without special technical knowledge
  • Pre-configured settings for specific processes
  • Straightforward retrofitting of existing systems
  • Planing ahead for maintenance and repairs
  • No unplanned production downtime and consequential damages
  • Significantly lowers total costs (TCO)
  • More economical than comparable systems
  • Quickly pays for itself, even when used with smaller pumps and standard pumps

With the introduction of the revolutionary ALLMIND Smart Platform, Allweiler GmbH is expanding and improving its pump monitoring and control capabilities. The results are dramatically lower maintenance and energy costs, elevated safety, and optimized control for bringing the pump to the desired operating point.

'The ALLMIND Smart Platform offers tremendous benefits for pump users who are seeking higher efficiency and maximum safety for their process and system,' according to Martin Hoffmann, Smart Solutions Manager at Allweiler.
Low Total Cost of Ownership
The focus is on minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The most important factors in achieving this are protection of the pump and system, minimized energy consumption, lower expenses for maintenance and spare parts, and optimization of processes. The fully automated ALLMIND monitoring and control system fulfills these expectations with a modular design, preconfigured settings for the relevant process, the opportunity for individual optimization, and straightforward retrofitting of existing systems.
Flexible modular system
ALLMIND is designed to be a flexible, modular system. With ALLMIND , pump operators invest only in the modules and complexity that bring the greatest benefit. Accordingly, they can obtain simple monitoring functions, sophisticated monitoring and control activities for multiple pumps, or anything in between.
Mastermodul AM 101
The AM 101 master module is the centralized 'brain' of the system. It shows the pump's current status, reports any irregularities on a plain text display and with an LED status indicator, communicates with the user, and stores in a centralized location all measurement values from each of the monitored pumps (data logging).
Satellite modules
If several pumps are in operation, the AM 201 satellite modules come into play. They receive sensor signals at each additional pump, independently interpret the signals, and trigger any necessary reactions for that particular pump, such as lowering speed and continuing operation at a safe operating point. All data are transmitted via CAN Bus to the master where they are documented and converted into visual signals.
A variety of sensors are available, including pressure, temperature, leakage, and output sensors plus the AM 301 vibration analysis module. This makes it possible to adapt the choice of sensors to the specific process being monitored.
PID control system
Both the master and the satellites have the ability to integrate a PID control system. As a result, each pump can be individually equipped with speed control simply by adding a frequency converter with suitable performance characteristics. The converter needs only a minimal amount of internal intelligence. Suitable frequency converters are available as an ALLMIND Smart module, allowing the customer to obtain a complete package with a significantly lower investment.

As a result, ALLMIND is a sound investment even for smaller pumps and standard pumps. ALLMIND is compatible with both centrifugal and displacement pumps.
Start-up assistant
The integrated start-up assistant is particularly useful because it enables guided start-up without special technical knowledge. The ability to apply a password makes it easy and convenient to protect safety-relevant settings.
Compact dimensions (200 x 120 x 50 mm), standard IP 54 protection, and flexible installation options (on a wall or DIN rails) make it easy to use ALLMIND in any industrial environment.

With digital and analog inputs (six each), eight digital outputs, and two analog outputs, both the master and the satellites have enough flexibility to adapt to a variety of requirements.
Typical applications
Typical applications are very diverse and include such things as monitoring of thermal oil pumps for elevated safety; targeted operating-point logging (for creating load profiles, for example); temperature-dependent controlled cooling water applications in Marine environments; and optimized fill level-dependent tank draining processes.
According to Stefan Kleinmann, Vice President of the Industry Business Segment and member of the Allweiler GmbH board, 'ALLMIND has tremendous benefits for virtually every type of pump. It allows the operator to plan maintenance times in advance, reduce costs for spare parts, fully utilize the long Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of all ALLWEILER pumps, and avoid production downtime. At the same time, the operator gets precisely the required capacity with very low power consumption.

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