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- Model LN100A Nd:YAG - Laser Marker


ALLTEC’s lamp-pumped ALLPRINT LN100A meets the most stringent requirements at all times. Whether for the marking of electr(on)ic housings, computer keyboards or radio masks in day or night design, type plates, tools or surgical instruments, fuel-injection nozzles, ball bearings, crankshafts or camshafts, as well as fittings, dies or injection molds, the LN100A marks and engraves quickly, flexibly, reliably and efficiently. At the same time, the system is simple and intuitive in its use.

Integration: The high-performance solid-state laser is designed for both stand-alone systems and easy integration into lines. It is capable of being completely controlled by computer and is therefore predestined for use in fully automated production (just-in-time, computer integrated manufacturing). Operation: The ALLPRINT LN100A can be operated either directly on the equipment using the touch screen on the supply unit or online via a central processing unit, PC, SPS or similar. The unique communications concept with the Smart Graph graphical user interface guarantees user-friendly and efficient administration of marking jobs with texts, machine-readable codes (e.g. OCR, 2D matrix codes, barcodes), graphics or individual data.

Whether for engraving, color change, color removal or temper/ black marking – the ALLPRINT LN100A performs convincingly not least on account of its high resolution and brilliant marking quality.

  • Laser Type: lamp-pumped Nd:YAG laser stroke marker
  • Power: 100 watts
  • Marking Speed: Max. 1,300 characters/second (application dependent)
  • Protection Class: Supply unit IP22, marking head: IP44, laser head: IP42
  • Main Areas of Use: Primary and secondary packaging (including for beverages, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.), automotive, electr(on)ics, extrusion, medical technology
  • Materials: Metals and coated metals, plastics and rubber, silicon, ceramics, printed papers and cardboard packaging
  • Products: Steel/ metal products (automotive structural elements and components such as spark plugs, fuel injectors, ball bearings, identification plates; tools, weapons, safety locks, fittings, surgical instruments, implants etc.), electronic components, cables and optical conductors, plugs, headers and connectors, electrical housings, packaging of all kinds, information plates (manufacturers’, type and inventory plates, identity cards, labels, dials and scale plates etc.), household products, technical ceramics and much more besides

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