Almetek Industries, Inc.

- One-Piece Engraved Pole Tags



Almetek's one-piece pole lagging system comes with an unprecedented 30-warranty. Available in Aluminum or co-extruded UV-HDPE, this one pi ece pole tagging system will stand up to any environmentally harsh location, impervious to arid or frigid climates, the HDPE tags also withstand marine and tropical conditions and are readable even in silt conditions. Additionally, due to the flexible nature of this material, one-piece pole tags can easily curve to fit your poles.

Options: Bar Codes on anodized aluminum or white vinyl Sequential Numbers. All Barcode Tags pass through our State-of-the-Art Video inspection Station which ensures full scanability prior to being shipped to our clients.

Colors: Black on Yellow, Yellow on Black, Black on Orange, Black on White, White on Black.

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