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- Model CAS # 90320-37-9 - Almond Shell Powder / Almond Shell Granules


Our powders are generally made of the raw material prunus dulcis, known as the most common (edible) almond. We buy our almonds from selected almond producers in Southern Spain where the harvest takes place throughout the summer until early fall.

Spain produces an average of 45,000-50,000 tons of almonds per year; this translates into around 8,000 tons of high-quality almond shells.

Almonds are mostly handpicked and collected in conventional nets. Due to limited space, only few almond plantations are suitable for machine harvesting. Two trained harvesters need around 10 minutes to pick the crop of one tree.

We obtain all our almond shells freshly and start processing them immediately during the harvesting season. They are cleaned, separated from any foreign matter such as dust, dried and stored in a clean environment.

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