- Detect Pollutions - Camera Control of Fumes and Diffuse Dust Emissions



Automatic detection by picture processing and expert system: Detection of emissions by localized variation in color and luminance - Measurement of the duration of visible emissions. Alarms over Intranet: Help in real time for operators More responsive production teams. ISO 14000 Management: Environmental management and progress indicator. Numeric recording 24H/24: Video recording for effective reaction to any request for regulatory investigations Confidence of people and authorities. Data diffusion over Intranet: Video archiving in a secured server Access with your Internet browser.

  1. Install special numeric aloa_DETECT recorder for picture processing
  2. Select manually your events and automatically the system will feed the data base
  3. Manage events over Intranet
  4. ALOATEC studies the automatic detection according to your recorded events
  5. Automatic detection setting on site with tuning based on your reference list of events

  • Control of fume emissions from petrochemical industry (flares)
  • Control of flares deletion - Flame length and burned flow evaluation
  • Main sources - Real time monitoring of fumes and evaluation of opacity and surface
  • Visibility index of plume

  • Control of diffuse dust emissions from production places (steel plant, blast-furnace, coke plant)
  • Opacity and surface of visible emissions
  • Severity index of plume

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