- Automatic Control System by Picture Analysis



ALOATEC offers control systems by picture analysis with rigorous methodologies to solve complex problems

  1. Feasibility study: ALOATEC offers expertise to optimize costs. ALOATEC provides a first feasibility phase based on a sample recording of digital videos and process parameters representative of your problem.
  2. Prototype: Records are used to analyze the variability of your process. The protocols for picture processing are determined and eventually tested and evaluated. The study allows the customer to determine the final profitability of the control. At this point, the customer may decide to launch an extended tender to optimize the costs of the industrial facility. ALOATEC can contribute as an expert for this activity or to completion.
  3. Installation in the plant: ALOATEC provides services of engineering and application development. Our skills include all aspects of industrial computing and business computing for example the creation of Intranet management interfaces.

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