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- Model FM-9MA-2 - Alpha & Beta Particulate Air Monitor



The FM-9-MA2 and FM-9-MAB2 Air Monitors utilize a solid state detector and two coordinated single channel analyzer windows. Utilizing two coordinated single channel analyzers the electronics will reject Radon pulses. The sample window (PHA allows the user to preset specific energy level for sample (eg. The “Radium A” peak), measuring Pu-239 or other Alpha emitters in the presence of significant or changing Radon-Thoron background. The count rate is shown on the front panel color monitor display both rate and integrated information. The user can select the operating modes: gross count, pulse height analyzing (PHA), or PHA with background subtract (PHA-SUB).

  • The high level alarm trip point is settable over the entire range.
    • When activated, the system provides an on screen red alert and an audible alarm warning.
    • An adjustable alarm delay prevents short term transient alarms.
  • The system uses a quick change 47mm filter.
  • The unit comes with an AP-3V air pump or may be plumbed to hood exhaust or in-house air system.
  • Included with the FM-9-Air Monitor Series: Quiet Green Turtle Air Pump User’s Manual
  • Six feet plastic tubing A box of 100 Filters

  • Two options - alpha only or alpha & beta
  • Rugged solid state silicon detector
  • Quick change filter
  • Real time operation
  • Real time alarm
  • Low flow alarm
  • Provides local or remote sampling
  • Usb ports (4)
  • Options:
    • Remote alarm
    • Remote readout
    • Cart mounted

  • Technical Associates FM-9 Air Monitor Series assures safety against airborne radioactivity contamination by means of constant check with alarm and record capability. It provides integrated exposure information with an optional hard copy via external computer.
  • This Air Monitor Series is a complete system and may be expanded per need with modules of the FM-9 series.
  • The FM-9 Air Monitor Series is sensitive and versatile.
  • It may be used to monitor stack effluent down to EPA levels as well as hoods, glove box or workplace air.

  • Detection: 1% of MPC of Pu-239 can be detected with average Radon-Thoron background.
  • Sensitivity:
    • Alpha: 102– 10Bq/cm3
    • Beta: 3 x 10-1 – 105 Bq/cm3
  • Sensitivity: 7x10-7 Bq/m3 at 70 liter/min air flow with 1 hour reading.
  • Energy Response:
    • Alpha: 2.7-10MeV
    • Beta: 80 KeV – 2.5 MeV
  • Counting Efficiency: 24% of 2 pi with wide window setting for Pu-239 source in the filter holder.
  • Detector: Solid state detector, cleanable silicon with a 490 sq. mm area and a typical Alpha resolution of 60 KeV maximum.
  • Response time: 1 sec. to 40 hours.
  • Readout: 7” Color LCD monitor built-in user data display Concentration
  • Total Activity on Filter User Settable Units: (cps, Bq, µCi, Bq/m3, µCi/l, DAC, DAC-hr etc.)
  • Raw Counts
  • Flow Status
  • Alarms – Audio & Visual User Settable.
  • System Status
  • System Error
  • Alert Change Filter Due to High Activity Build Up – Range Typically Set at 500 kBq or 13.5µCi User Settable.
  • Torn Paper Filter Error Alert
  • Air Flow Rate Accessible via Display
  • Alarm: On screen red light alert; audible alarm
  • Pump: Quiet Green Turtle Pump – AP-3V included. 115V 60Hz 2Amps. Optional: 220 V 50-60 Hz.
  • Flow Rate: 25 – 135 l/m (Normally set at 55 liters/min.)
  • Mass Flow Meter: Real-Time air flow rate-data feeds directly into data analyzer software and Onboard computer for highest concentration accuracy eliminating need for manual adjustment of High and Low Flow Rates.
  • Filters: Pack of 100 47mm filters included.
  • Temperature Range: 20 to 130 degrees F. (-7 to 54 degrees C.) Total change in system gain is less than ± 5%
  • Finish: Baked enamel, easily cleaned.

Electronic Modules Include:

  • MV-5.12.24: Electronics Power Supply – Accepts both 120V or 220V
  • MFT-5A: Sample Holder & Detector
  • SUB-5: Three level energy analyzer
  • MAC-9: Air Control; Low Flow Alarm; Flowmeter
  • FM-9: On Board computer with color monitor
  • Pump Power: 115V, 60 Hz (220 Volts, 50 Hz optional.)

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Weight: 35 lbs.
  • Dimensions:
    • Electronics Assembly & Internal Detector: 20''W x 13''H x 18'' D.
    • Pump assembly: 8''W x 8''H x 14''D.


  • Remote Alarm
  • Remote Readout
  • Cart Mounted

  • Read-Out Units : User Settable
  • Measures : Airborne Concentration
  • Smart System : Calculations by On Board Computer Easy On Board Data Display & Archive Retrieval
  • Special Feature Electronic Mass Flowmeter

  • Master Power Switch For All Electronics.
  • Detector Bias Voltage, 50 Volts.
  • High Level Alarm Set.
  • Operate / Calibrate Modes.
  • Alarm Set, Displays Mode.
  • Alarm Acknowledge Button
  • Percent Subtract Function.
  • Threshold / Discriminator, Ten Turn-pot with 1,000 Division Dial.
  • Sample Window (PHA) Always Constant Above Threshold
  •  Ten Turn Pot With 1.000 Division Dial.
  • Mode Switch - Gross Count, PHA. PHA-SUB.

  • On Screen High Alarm
  • Audio Alarm Warning
  • Loss of Signal On Screen
  • Detector Fail Rate
  • Running Time Record.
  • Mass Air Flowmeter
  • Low Air F low Alert
  • '' Power On' * Light for Electronics

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