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- Model E Series - Aluminium Pneumatic Actuators



Alphair aluminium pneumatic actuators “RE Series”, with external adjustment, is composed of 14 models with 90° movement, going from 20 to 10.000 Nm for the double acting version (DA) and from 4 to 4000 Nm for the single acting version (SR). Open/close regulation level of the valve is fast and easy, thanks to the external adjustment system, acting on the cam movement through grains on the body. The above mentioned series can be coupled with every ISO 5211 compliant valve. Moreover it can also be coupled with valves not in compliance with the a.m. certification. Product can be customized through hard anodizing, nickel-plating and painting.

  • Bearings in low friction LAT-LUB acetalic resin, easily replaceable for maintenance.
  • Double lower drilling for valve fastening and centering, according to ISO 5211-DIN 3337 Standards.
  • Double square lower female shaft key (starlike), according to ISO 5211-DIN 3337 Standards for assembly on valves with square key
  • on line (0°) and diagonal key (45°).
  • Solenoid connections according to NAMUR VDIVDE-3845 Standards.
  • Top drilling for accessories fastening, and upper shaft end according to NAMUR VDIVDE-3845 Standards.
  • Position indicator on request, enabling switch-box assembly on top.
  • Standard execution for temperatures from –20°C to +80°C (optional, special execution for extreme temperatures).
  • Aluminium adhesive nameplates, with progressive serial number punched.
  • Running test and 100% seal test carried out with electronic equipment and certification of every individual product.

  • AIR SUPPLY Dry or lubricated filtered compressed air. Feeding pressure 8 bar – 120 PSI. Max = 10 Bar – 145 PSI.
  • LUBRIFICATION Carried out by the manufacturer, guaranteed for min. 1.000.000 operations.
  • ROTATION Turning rotation range +/- 5°.

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