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- Model RO - Reverse Osmosis Filtration System



RO is needed in areas with high total dissolved solids (TDS) in the source water. These areas are primarily located in western and southwestern states where the water source comes from aquifers vs. ground water i.e. lakes and rivers.

What is RO?

RO systems are either a 3- or 4- stage system depending on the holding tank.

  1. The first stage is a 5 micron Sediment filter that traps particulate matter like dirt, rust and silt.
  2. The second stage is a 5 micron Carbon Block filter reducing chlorine and other materials that cause bad taste and odors (pre-filter)
  3. The third stage is the heart of the RO system or the Membrane. This 50 gpd semi permeable membrane removes TDS, Sodium, Percolate, Chromium, Arsenic, Copper and Lead. It also removes cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium together with Nitrates and Nitrites.
  4. The fourth stage is needed to clean the water after it passes through the holding tank. If using a cooler with sufficient reservoir space no holding tank or fourth stage filter is needed.

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