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- Model 75 - Easily Positioned All-Round Fume Extraction Arm



The range of accessories for ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 includes mounting brackets, hoods and reducers. The mounting brackets are made of black or white powder coated steel. The bracket versions are either table brackets for fixing on the edge of a table, wall brackets or a wide selection of columns for ceiling mounting. The ceiling columns are available in standard lengths between 250 mm (10”) and 2000 mm (80'). The reducers are made of Polypropylene (PP) and are used in the connection from the extraction arm to the ventilation system. The selection of hoods for the 3 material versions of ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 is very wide. It offers the best solution of adapting the choice of hood to the workplace in question and the type of pollution. The choice of hood material depends on model and material version. The hoods for the ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 Aluminium arms are available in the following materials: transparent PETG, anodized or powder coated aluminium.

The hoods for ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 antistatic arms are made of conductive Polypropylene (PP) or chromated aluminium (TCP). Hoods for ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 PP are made of white Polypropylene (PP) or powder coated aluminium.

ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 is suited for air volumes between 80-180 m3/h (45-105 CFM).

Depending on material version, ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 is very applicable in trades such as laser techniques, laboratories, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, the food industry, vocational schools, universities and machine shops.

Adjusted to the work conditions
The ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 fume extraction arms are quickly mounted with standard brackets for table, wall or ceiling.

The standard ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 is available in various types that are complementary to each other with reaches up to 1,990 mm (78.35”). Therefore it is possible to choose an extraction arm applicable for each work situation. See insert for further information.

Material Versions
ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 is available in three material versions – aluminium (AL), antistatic (AS) and chemical resistant (CR). The choice of material version depends on each work process and type of pollution.

Aluminium (AL) – For most applications
ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 AL is used in environments with no special demands for chemical resistance or conductivity. The ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 AL extraction arms consist of aluminium tubes and joints of red or white Polypropylene (PP).

Antistatic (AS) – A safe choice for ESD and EX-environments
ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 AS extraction arms are used in environments with special demands for conductivity, e.g. in sensitive ESD-environments or in environments with explosive atmosphere. The extraction arms are delivered with an earthing wire.

The tubes and joints of the antistatic version are made of black conductive Polypropylene (PP).

ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 AS has been tested and approved for use in ESD-environments according to IEC 61340-5-1.

Chemical Resistant (PP) – for aggressive areas
The ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 Chemical Resistant (PP) extraction arms are used in work areas with special requirements for chemical resistance because of the type of pollution, e.g. chemical fumes. The tubes and joints of this material version are made of white Polypropylene (PP).

Customized Solutions − short delivery time
In addition to the standard range, ALSIDENT SYSTEM 75 also offers special customized solutions. Please contact your ALSIDENT distributor to find the best solution. ALSIDENT offers short delivery time for both standard products and special solutions.

Local Exhaust – for a cleaner working environment
Installation of individual fume extraction systems at the source of the pollutant during the working process prevents the spread of polluted air into the surroundings. A local exhaust system is therefore the best solution for a clean working environment.

User-friendly extraction arm
ALSIDENT SYSTEM fume extraction arms are self-sustaining with internal threaded stays and bearing springs. This construction constitutes a very user-friendly fume extraction arm that is easy to adjust to the source of the pollutant during the working process.

Easy maintenance and long durability
The only maintenance an ALSIDENT SYSTEM extraction arm needs is cleaning according to requirements. It is easy to disassemble the arm and reassemble it after cleaning without the need for tools.

All ALSIDENT SYSTEM extraction arms are made of highquality materials ensuring easy maintenance and long durability. All plastic parts are made of shock-proof Polypropylene (PP). The aluminium parts are anodized and the internal and external surfaces of all brackets are powder coated. Threaded stays, springs and finger screws are made of acid-proof stainless steel ensuring long durability in aggressive environments. All O-rings are maintenance-free.

Measurements of pressure drop and efficiency
The Danish Technological Institute has measured the sound level, pressure drop and efficiency of the ALSIDENT SYSTEM extraction arms and hoods. Please contact your distributor, ALSIDENT SYSTEM A/S or visit for test results, dimensioning diagrams and installation heights.

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