Altwell Tech, Inc.

Altwell Tech, Inc.

Model AP-0510 - Alt Pi Water Purifier

O Pulito 5 Step Multiple Filtering System - Quality First! Quality has Priority over Design. Filter maintenance expense was reduced while user's management became convenient by integrating a five-step water purification system into one filter. I ree I liter - Free filter made ol PE helps carbon block filter lo luncllon effectively by - removing over 5*in rust and floating substances CurUuii muck I liter Carbon block (liter made by condensing activate carbon powder filters floating substances,  remaining chlorine, unpleasant taste and smell and heavy metal (mercury, lead, Cr6+, cadmium, selenium, Iron, aluminum, zinc and bronze) with fine hollows of \m In addition, It filters trlhalomethane known as a carcinogenic substance perfectly
PI   Ceramic - Pi ceramic, an essential material of Altwell Water Purifier, provides various  minerals.

Ultra Filtration Filter - It supplies delicious and healthy water since an ultrafiltration filter under 0.1 aid using the principles of artificial kidney dialyzer filters various germs and fine pollutants and allows useful minerals selectively. Silver Anti-germ Substance - It restrains proliferation of general germs by the 2nd contamination.

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