- Model 480 UHP - Ultra High Purity Perfluoroalkoxy Tubing & Pipe (PFA)



ALTAFLUOR 480 UHP PFA (ultra high purity perfluoroalkoxy) tubing and pipe are the products of choice for applications such as semiconductor and pharmaceutical process that require extreme chemical resistance while maintaining highest purity levels. Although HP PFA Tubing is available in a variety of resin grades, ALTAFLUOR 480 UHP PFA tubing and pipe are made exclusively from a high molecular weight, high purity resin that provides excellent chemical resistance, (even to common fluorosurfactants), highest purity levels, low permeation levels and smoothest surface finish. Unlike standard HP PFA tubing products, ALTAFLUOR 480 tubing has flex life values comparable to PTFE tubing.

ALTAFLUOR 480 tubing has flex life values comparable to PTFE tubing. ALTAFLUOR 480 UHP PFA tubing is ideal for use with flare or conventional fittings. ALTAFLUOR 480 UHP PFA pipe may be joined using conventional threaded fittings or welded. For non-high purity applications please view our ALTAFLUOR 400 PFA Tubing & Pipe options. Additional Low Permeation PFA Tubing is also available upon request.


  • 100% virgin grade high performance resins used to resist stress cracking
  • Chemically inert to nearly all industrial chemicals and solvents
  • Highest thermal stability
  • Lower permeation over standard PFA Tubing & Pipe (even with aggressive chemicals such as HCL)
  • Smoothest surface finish resulting in less area of particle entrapment
  • Translucent
  • Moisture absorption nearly zero
  • FDA compliant for food contact
  • Non-flammable
  • Tubing is suitable for use with flare or conventional fittings
  • Tubing is available in coiled hose and convoluted constructions


  • Semiconductor
  • Chemical process
  • Scientific
  • Insulation
  • Heat exchangers
  • Air sampling
  • Gas analyzing
  • Emissions Monitoring
  • Laboratory applications
  • Flow monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical


General: ALTAFLUOR® 480 UHP PFA tubing meets or exceeds the requirements listed in ASTM D6867-03 and ASTM D3307 meets or exceeds the the requirements listed in Semi F57

Temperature: –320 °F to 500 °F

Flammability: UL 94 VO rated. UHP PFA resists combustion and does not promote flame spread

FDA: UHP PFA is approved for use in food contact applications in compliance with FDA regulation: 21 CFR 177.1550.

USP CLASS VI: Altafluor 480 meets the requirements of USP Class VI

NSF: 51 meets requirements for food handling

NSF: 61 meets requirements for portable water

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