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Altenburger Maschinen Jäckering produces Air Turbulence Mills and Dryer-Pulveriser under the brand name ULTRA ROTOR. Since 1955 our engineers are continually working on improvements and new applications to make sure that we can offer state-of-the-art technologies. Basic objectives are the customers requirements and comprehensive quality. Ultra- and Super-Rotors are installed worldwide. On the basis of low maintenance, low energy consumption and minimal wear and tear costs the Ultra-Rotor is an established part of many processing companies.


The operating principle of the mill is a rotor that is fitted with special tools. It rotates at a high peripheral speed within a solid replaceable stator. The mechanical design is conservative allowing the mill to operate safely under severe conditions and high peak loadings. The tooling on the rotor and the design of the liner of the stator accelerate the particles to very high velocities within the air eddies ensuring high energy impact between the air stream and the product. Material enters the mill at the base of the rotor and on leaving the grinding zone it enters a sifting section where the oversized particles are returned to the bottom of the grinding zone.

As the micronising effect is achieved from particle attrition the wear on the mill components is minimised.

  • The micronising process starts with feeding the material into the lower section of the mill.
  • The product is then controlled crushed in the airstream.
  • A filter-cyclone separates product and air and the product is taken out of the filter via a rotary valve.

  • Simultaneous drying and grinding can be achieved by simply using heated air in place of ambient air. This allows a wide range of wet products to be dried and ground with agglomeration.
  • The wet product is fed into the inlet of the ULTRA-ROTOR which can be heated-up to 400°C. The wet produced will be size-reduced in the ULTRA-ROTOR, which increases the surface area of the product allowing the water to evaporate spontaneously.
  • A dry product will be taken out of the filter. The material itself will only be exposed to very low temperatures as the evaporating water cools down the product.


The Ultra-Rotor and Super-Rotor are offered in a range of sizes and configurations.

The Super-Rotor differs from the Ultra-Rotor by a solid serrated rotor which runs very close to the stator. This generates much smaller but far more intense eddies in the air stream. The rotor is also cooled to dissipate any heat generated by the more intense turbulence.

The below stated table can just give an overview of some of the possibilities. The capacities and evaporation capability are dependent on the product characteristics and the values given are indicative only. Trials in our Test Centre will confirm the expected results.

  • You would like to make a test milling with your product? Just contact us. We are up for it!
  • We need 200 kg (min.) of your product.
  • Plant capacity, product fineness and energy consumption can all be immediately measured and refined during the test runs. A test report will be issued after the test.

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