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- Model SDO - Explosive and Toxic Gas Detector System



DAG series detectors are used for detecting gases present in household rooms, according to PN-EN 50194 (DAG-11) and PN-EN 50291 (DAG-12) standards. Two types of devices are manufactured, respectively for detecting explosive gases or carbon monoxide. DAG Household Gas Detectors have been designed for continuous operation in stationary systems and are connected to the household's electric system. All necessary operating components, including respective gas sensors, are installed inside the device.

Systems consist of the following basic elements:
  • SDO control unit
  • detector heads type GDX-70 & MGX-70 (ATEX)
  • external acoustic and visual siren.
One of the system's advantages is serial connection of heads and the control box, by means of a single, two-conductor cable that provides power to and data from all connected heads.

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