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The SmartCEMS Alternative Emissions Monitoring System is a complete system that provides continuous data recording and report generation compliant under U.S. EPA Alternative Emissions Monitoring Systems (CAEMS) regulations. The system comes with a data acquisition component and is guaranteed to meet CAM and U.S. EPA standards for combustion turbines and gas/oil fired boilers, or heaters. The data acquisition and handling system (DAHS) provides a secure and reliable means of collecting, storing, and reporting compliance data and generating the electronic data reports. The CMC CAEMS is an acceptable regulatory solution under the existing and proposed U.S. regulations where continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) for source emissions compliance are not required.

SmartCEMS Compliance Assurance Monitoring System can be used on most combustion sources that fire gaseous or liquid fuels and for compliance parameters such as NOx, S02, CO, C02, 02, H2S, hydrocarbons, ammonia, formaldehyde, and more. The software is easy to set up and configure with a non-proprietary user interface and other advanced features that make it cost effective to maintain.

Compliance Assurance Monitoring System Includes:

  • Two (2) Pollutants Standard
  • Interface to DCS or control PLC
  • Compliance and software guarantee
  • Engineering and model development
  • Capable of being upgraded to compliance PEMS
  • Initial guarantee and support for one year after
  • Oxygen Analyzer module (O2 and CO2  calculated)
  • Uses industry standards (i.e. OPC, DDE, MODBUS, etc.)

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