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- Model AL 640 - Offshore Box



Universal aluminium storage box for a broad range of applications, from sea transport to manufacturing, packaging, storage & inland transport, organization or protection. Whether inland or off shore, these boxes perform endurably as they are designed and manufactured based on the practical experiences of offshore applications under extreme conditions.  With their rigid design you get a trustworthy and yet economical packaging.

This range offers an aluminium box for universal industrial use, for everyone, requesting a tough and yet economical alubox.

The AL 640 range comprises 33 models. Capacities range from 13 to 874 liters. If one of these does not fit your requirement, we can make to your size.

Your advantages in detail - technical specification:

  • High quality heavy duty aluminium alloy box. 1.0 mm AlMg3 body sheet material on all sizes, strength and durability by design.
  • 33 standard available sizes, stackable within range, offering options for logistical packing, storage and transport. Special sizes can be made to order.
  • Aluminum profile safety spring handles with plastic molded grip.
  • Toggle locks made from aluminium/stainless steel. Corrosion resistant, prepared for cylinder lock, lead seal and padlock, up to shackle Ø 6 mm.
  • Additional bracing made of stable aluminium profiles. Depending on the size, the bottom and the lid have been additionally reinforced with aluminium reinforcement struts.
  • All riveted joints with sealed blind rivets.
  • 2 lid straps, 20mm wide, ends sealed to avoid fraying. Fastened with oversized-head rivets to prevent ripping out.
  • 95-100° opening angle of the lid.
  • IP 54 standard design.
  • Stacking corners made of cast aluminium with injection molding.
  • All around reinforcement ribs and additional corner ribs depending on size.
  • Stainless steel piano hinges lengthwise of the box. Riveted in the body sheet and solid lid profile.
  • High-strength welded joints. Gap-free, load-bearing dot welded overlap joint of the body sheet.
  • Solid silicone sealing strip profile 8x7mm in the upper rim with specially formed legs to avoid extraction. High temperature tolerance in the event of exposure to both low and high temperatures

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