Mecánica Prisma, SL

Mecánica Prisma, SL

Aluminium Actuators



Rotation Angle And Torques: Aluminium actuators, 0º-90º or 0º-180º rotation angle to pilot ball, butterfly and plug valves. Broad range of actuators, both Double Acting and Spring Return, from 17 to 5.000 Nm at 6 bar.


  • May be actioned with air or any nonagressive fluid up to 8 bar pressure (up to 15 bar, on demand).

Normal Working Temperature:

  • -32ºC to +90ºC (-50ºC to +90ºC, on demand).

Internally And Externally Coated By Cataphoresis + Rilsan:
Manufactured with materials resistant to oxidation. Silicone free.

  • CATAPHORESIS: Electrochemical process that provides high corrosion resistance by means of 20µ of uniform epoxy resin surface.
  • RILSAN: Polyamide 11 coating (250µ). Offers high resistance to corrosion, wearing and impacts.

Resistance to Saline Smog Room: B-117-73 > 1000h.

Spring Security System:
Spring Security System, making manipulation and mounting easy and safe. All components are protected against corrosion.

Stroke Adjustments:
External stroke adjustments to regulate opening (+85º to +92º) and closing (-2º to +5º) of the valve, both in double acting and spring return. Predominately used in butterfly valves, to adjust losing of the disc.


  • Conforming to all International Directives: ISO, DIN, NAMUR, VDI/VDE, ATEX, CE, DNV, PCT, SIL2.
  • NAMUR Pneumatic connection for solenoid valve installation.
  • VDI/VDE 3845 norms fixator to mount accessories.
  • Conforms to ISO-5211 and DIN-3337 specifications for easy mounting of most of the valves.
  • Prisma Pneumatic Actuators are manufactured under the requirements of DEP 97-23-CE and ATEX 94-9-CE Directive.
  • ATEX EXII2GDT6 Certification.

Suitable for marine and underwater installations. Designed to actuate plastic valves. Mainly Industrial Applications: Food and Beverage, Automated Irrigation, Fishing Industry, etc...

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