Di Xin Valve

Di Xin Valve

- Model PAF - Aluminum Alloy Body Flange Air Operated Pinch Valve



Pinch Valves are the ideal solution for isolating and regulating abrasive, corrosive and fibrous products. The Pinch Valve is being used more and more as an isolating valve or regulating valve for emulsions, sludges, dusts, gaseous materials, compressed air, powder, granulates, pellets etc.

  • Serie:PAF
  • Size:2''-8''(DN50-DN200)                                
  • Body:Aluminum alloy
  • Studs:SS304
  • Flange standard:DIN PN10
  • Air inlet:1/8''or 1/4'' brass hole
  • Color:Grey,red,white,yellow,blue.etc.
  • Liner or Sleeve:Natural Rubber(Food grade&Wear-resistant)
  • Sleeve/liner lifetime:can be operated (open & close)over 1 million times
  • Suitable application:powder,slurry,paper pulp,beverage,dairy,sand,food,silk,grass,waste water etc.
Intended Use
plastic air operated pinch valve is used to isolate or cut off the impurity medium which contains solid or dust or any other granule. 

Improper Use
  • No-compliance with the operating manual including the safety instrcutions.
  • Operating the pinch valve for a purpose other than its intended use.
  • Unauthorised or untrained person operating the pinch valve.
  • Installing the non-original spare parts.
  • Violating the applicable standard.     
A flexible elastomer sleeve is compressed by increasing the pressure in the pinch valve body .This creats a lip-shaped closing pattern,powders or other medium is squeezed by the air pressure, can not move or totaly cut off to shut off .The continunous aire pressure ensure the elastomer sleeve close tightly.

The seeve is opened again when the control pressure is removed and by the restoring force of the sleeve  

  • Max working pressure < 6ar
  • Max working temperature
  • Operating pressure = pump pressure (working pressure)+2.5bar (pressure difference)    

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