Connecticut Metal Industries

Connecticut Metal Industries

Aluminum Foil


Connecticut Metal Industries is interested in buying all grades of aluminum foil. We recycle uncoated foil as well as plastic laminated and paper backed aluminum and copper foils. We supply recycling services for the printing and laminating industry as well as consumer packaging and pharmaceutical companies. Connecticut Metal is also a consistent market for foil scrap collected by paper and scrap metal recyclers. Laminators and Packaging Companies - If you work with foils or metalized films, we can set up a long term recycling program for your company. We recycle material from about 18% aluminum content up to 100% aluminum. Recycle materials include edge trim, misprints, damaged or surplus rolls and off-cuts. If you have bare foil on steel cores we can remove the foil and, if necessary, return your cores and racks. We can also handle your paper and plastic scrap rolls. Certified destruction is available for any printed or sensitive materials.

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