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- Aluminum Frame Plate Type Primary-efficiency Filter

◆ Description Adopting non-woven cloth and glass fiber as filtering materials, primary-efficiency filter chooses pleated wedge shape to enlarge the actual effective filter area. It is designed as plank structure supported by metal mesh clip or inner joints frame together with metal outer frame. So it features low resistance, long endurance, washable, economical and practical. ◆ Structure Primary-efficiency air filter is designed for two kinds of structures-joint frame and general framework. The former is strong, even filtering material, but time-consuming in manufacturing whereas the latter is easy to change filtering material, time-saving but not as strong as the former. ◆Filtering material Activated carbon filter adopts washable non-woven cloth, activated carbon, synthetic fiber, chemical fiber (imported),glass fiber (imported), Kam-convex mesh (nylon net). Non-woven cloth and glass fiber are more widely used with primary or medium efficiency.

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