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Aluminum Scraps Recycling Plant


Low speed and high cutting capacity shredder to shread Aluminium profiles up to 7 mt of lenght and Aluminum sheets, with separation of Plastics, Papers and Ferrous metals.

HOT DECOATING PLANT for removal process of grease, oil, paint, plastic and aluminum scraps
The system relates to complete drying, degreasing and decoating of the scraps without any oxidation

Main advantages:

  • No oxidation of the scraps during the whole process, complete burning of the organics with full recovering of the heat produced
  • For Scraps with organics over 5%, the process would not use natural gas
  • Standard consume of Natural gas between 20 to 28 Nm3/ton scraps charged
  • High yield fusion of De-coated product, comparable to the melting of clean metals (bullion).
  • No environmental pollution during melting

Static & tilting furnaces, melting and holding types, for Aluminum scraps recovery with or without side well to install vortex system, with regenerative burners

  • Twin chamber melting furnaces with exhaust gas recycling for the recovery of heat evaporating from the organics into scraps
  • Fixed and tilting rotary furnaces complete with loader vibrating channel, oxy-gas burner system, Aluminum casting and exhaust gas de-dusting system
  • Homogenizing furnace, billet aluminum-room type with an adjoining of cell cooling
  • Casting belts for Aluminum ingots unit with automatic stacking.
  • Exhaust gas de-dusting plants, with the complete abatement of acid gases such as HCl, SOx, HF, dioxins

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