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- Model CG161M - Chromatographic Grade Resin



AMBERCHROM CG161M chromatographic grade resin is designed for low to medium pressure chromatography and characterized by a high capacity for a variety of low MW pharmaceutical compounds.

  • Bioprocessing
  • Biochromatography

  • High mechanical stability
  • High resolution and selectivity providing increased product yields
  • Long Media life time
  • Direct Scale-up
  • Combines the purification power of silica media and the chemical stability of polymeric media

  • Matrix: Polystyrene/Divinylbenzene macroreticular adsorbent
  • Functional groups: None
  • Physical form: Opaque white beads
  • Shipping solvent: 20% ethanol
  • Surface area: 900 m²/g
  • Pore size: 150 Å
  • Mean diameter: S grade: 35 microns, M grade: 75 microns, C grade: 120 microns
  • Uniformity coefficient: 1.7
  • Chemical resistance: Insoluble in dilute solutions of acids or bases and common solvents: IPA, ACN, MeOH.

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