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Sentelligence, Inc.

Ambient Air Monitor


Air pollution is a growing problem, as populations increase and our demand for energy consumption rises there is a need to regulate and control this. In addition, compromised air quality from global terrorism is a clear and present threat. Sentelligence is offering a unique solution with a range of compact, cost effective sensors that have the required sensitivity and chemical selectivity to help combat these growing problems.

Sentelligence is offering one of three versions of ambient air monitor. The first product will be designed as a stand-alone monitor that will monitor for flammable gases (hydrocarbon based), combustion products (indicating a fire) and level 1 toxic gases (phosphorus based). This system is configured as a standard household monitoring system in the form of a smoke alarm. An illustrative example would be a “First Alert” style of product. A one-meter optical path provides ppm (parts-per-million) detection sensitivity for most gases with high ppb (parts-per-billion) for certain gases. The initial standard system will be offered at price points compatible with sensing/detection systems used for commercial, industrial and public monitoring applications. The system is fully self-contained and includes an internal air-flow and air filtering system, and can be both line and battery powered. Alerts are provided by optional visual and audible indicator alarms, and can be broadcasted by network or wireless communications. A second generation of this first version will be designed for mass-production and can be sold for $200, or there about, to a consumer-based audience. Target for introduction is 2 years for the consumer-oriented system.

Future products in the range will include a compact unit for higher concentration monitoring suitable for locations where solvents, flammable materials and toxic chemicals are stored. This version can accommodate up to 16 different channels providing material characterization/identification to indicate the source of the problem in terms of flammable, explosive and/or toxic materials. The unit is compact and can be either operated stand-alone, or built-in to an air control system, such as an HVAC unit (an example prototype shown on original website). Another product for future offering will be a slightly larger handheld version designed for trace gas analysis, being tailored to the needs of first responders where potentially hazardous conditions are suspected. This system can be adapted for HazMat applications, and will provide ppb and low ppm level detection for explosive, flammable and dangerous/toxic atmospheres. The base system will be a 4-channel system, which is expandable to 16 fixed channels, or a configurable system based on an FTIR spectral engine. Costs of these systems will range from $5000 for a basic 4-channel system, up to $25,000 for a basic handheld system configured for Hazmat applications.

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