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Ambient Ozone Monitor


The OWS Ambient Ozone Monitor is not an ordinary ozone monitor that only analyzes ambient ozone concentrations of the surrounding atmosphere. It has many advantages, but the most important is that it works as a safety device - not just an analytical device.

Most ozone monitors in the fi eld will read “0” – regardless of whether they are working or not. The OWS monitor employs high visibility LED lights, which glow brightly through the clear front cover, to provide quick evidence of the surrounding area’s safety status. Blue lights will remain on while no ozone is present. The bright blue glow is visible to operators from across the room, providing immediate knowledge that it is safe to journey near the ozone location. When ozone is detected, the “safe” blue glow of the OWS Ambient Ozone Monitor is replaced with a red “danger” illumination. The monitor also has built in relays to shut off the ozone generator as well as to indicate a remote ambient ozone fault condition to a main plant operations control panel or operator via a remote alarm light.

Proper calibration is vital to ensuring the longevity and continued accuracy of any ozone monitor. To ease in-fi eld maintenance, the OWS Ambient Ozone Monitor incorporates a sensor head that can be unplugged and replaced with a new, calibrated sensor head. A fi eld replaceable sensor head means that you will no longer need to return the entire unit back to the factory. New sensors are calibrated at the factory and work as soon as you plug them in after you unplug and toss the old one.

  • The monitor is a system to control ozone generators and alarms based on an adjustable ozone concentration set point. It is designed to work with plug-in sensor modules for 0-1 ppm.
  • The sensor is pre-calibrated in our lab so that the sensor module and main board module together work as a calibrated system.
  • If the sensor fails or is due for replacement, it is simply replaced by another pre-calibrated module.
  • The design incorporates hysteresis and time delay (set at 8 seconds except for special orders) to eliminate chatter and other excessive interactions between the sensor and generator.
  • The device is installed in a NEMA rated enclosure and has a display showing ambient ozone value of 0 -1 ppm.
  • The box includes a blue LED light indication that illuminates the entire box and clear front window in safe mode. When the ozone detects ozone.
  • Over 0.1 ppm (adjustable) the blue light turns to RED and illuminates the entire enclosure. A relay output will also be activated for ozone equipment interlock.
  • ROHS compliant plugs available.

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