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Amended Silicates is an innovative mineral-based product that removes mercury from stack emissions via chemical reaction rather than through traditional adsorption mechanisms. Amended Silicates provides economical, consistent and robust performance across the variety of power-plant configurations and operating conditions, while preserving fly ash value. Amended Silicates is nonflammable, has exceptional SO3 tolerance, is less corrosive to the balance of the plant, and functions across a broad range of operating temperatures.

  • 2014 R&D 100 Award: R&D Magazine
  • 2014 Gold Edison Award: Material Science Category
  • 2013 Air Quality Technology Award: Environmental Business Journal
  • 2012 Product of the Year: Environmental Protection Magazine

Novinda’s newest commercial product, AS-HgX–ESP™, is specifically designed for removing mercury from coal-fired power plants that utilize electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) for particulate removal. The new ESP-optimized product also promotes improved ESP performance in those units burning Powder River Basin (PRB) sub-bituminous coals, due to its ability to lower resistivity of the PRB fly ash dust cake in the ESP. In sustained full-scale, side-by-side power plant testing, AS-HgX-ESP achieved or exceeded the mercury capture requirements of the EPA’s Mercury & Air Toxics Standards (MATS), doing so with up to three times greater performance than Novinda’s previous generation product.

Mineral-based Amended Silicates products do not contaminate fly ash, enabling its resale for use in concrete. Projections indicate revenue from fly ash sales, combined with the reduction or elimination of transportation and landfill costs can reach $2.4 million for a 400MW plant.

AS-HgX-ESP offers distinct advantages over both earlier generation products and PAC:

  • Requires no additive halogen chemicals for mercury oxidation, reducing the potential for corrosion
  • Produced with a substantially lower carbon footprint, just 10 percent that of activated carbon products
  • Preserves fly ash for resale for use in concrete products
  • Offers exceptional SO3 tolerance
  • Functions in a broad range of operating temperatures and coal types
  • Presents no hazardous material handling issues

Addressing the unique challenges of mercury removal in ESP-configured plants, AS-HgX-ESP reduces fly ash bulk resistivity by at least an order of magnitude, sufficient to produce significant improvement in the particulate capture efficiency of the plant’s ESP. This latest product will be commercially available for testing and long-term supply contracts in Q2 2015.

Novinda’s Amended Silicates (AS) captures 90+% of vapor phase mercury from coal-burning power plants, enabling plant operators to satisfy mercury compliance standards, including the strict MATS (Mercury and Air Toxics Standards). Additionally, Novinda offers operators significant direct and indirect economic advantages over traditional carbon-based mercury removal products.

More Cost Effective than PAC

A Novinda-prepared economic study for a 400 MW plant shows the annual cost of mercury removal using Novinda’s AS is $1,265,820 less than the cost of using PAC (Powdered Activated Carbon). The study incorporates results from actual field trials of AS, comparing projections for usage of the Novinda product with brominated activated carbon. What’s more, since AS does not contaminate the plant’s fly ash, enabling its sale for use in concrete (see the EPA’s study on fly ash here), a plant using AS can realize an additional $2,450,350 in revenue and transportation and landfill cost savings. The study predicts that a 400MW plant using AS will readily meet applicable mercury removal standards, while realizing an upside of over $3.7 million annually when compared to carbon-based removal agents.

Fly Ash Revenue & Other Benefits

Mineral-based AS does not contaminate fly ash, enabling plants to sell their fly ash for use in concrete. An economic study indicates a 400 MW plant could realize as much as $2.4 million through fly ash sales and the elimination of associated transportation and landfill costs. In addition, AS is non-flammable and non-corrosive, simplifying its storage and handling. AS also requires no additional chemicals (i.e. halogens, remission agents, or hydrated lime) for optimal performance and its inert mineral-based design successfully balances plant operation and potential environmental issues.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Amended Silicates (AS) has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than PAC. The production of AS generates just 10% of the carbon dioxide released in the production of an equivalent amount of PAC. In addition, because the chemical compound created in the AS mercury removal process is non-flammable and non-corrosive, it does not negatively impact the plant itself. PAC, on the other hand, can potentially damage a plant’s operating equipment leading to costly shutdowns and equipment repairs. AS is built on a widely available, naturally occurring mineral base, ensuring an ongoing supply. AS can be readily integrated with most existing sorbent injection systems and does not require additional chemicals, halogens or other additives to be effective.

Successful completion of more than 70 full-scale plant tests demonstrates that AS products can be used effectively and economically in a wide variety of plant configurations and with the range of potential fuels – PRB, sub-bituminous, lignite. Regardless of fuel type and/or plant configuration, Novinda’s Amended Silicates mercury removal products offer enormous economic advantages for mercury control.

An extremely fine powder, Novinda’s Amended Silicates is injected directly into a plant’s post-combustion flue gas stream. There it reacts chemically with vapor-phase mercury to create a harmless, non-flammable, and non-corrosive solid compound that is effectively captured by the plant’s particulate control system.

The resulting compound, unlike carbon-based products, does not prevent the use of the plant’s fly ash for concrete or block production, eliminating the need for costly landfill disposal while creating a tangible revenue source for plant operators. Equally important, the reaction product, when stored in holding ponds, does not leach mercury, nor heavy metals, limiting potential harm to area groundwater supplies. Use of Amended Silicates also avoids aquatic toxicity due to bromine in wastewater and holding ponds, rapidly becoming a greater concern for utilities with wet scrubbers utilizing brominated products and halogens.

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