Amerex Corporation

- Carbon Dioxide Stored Pressure Extinguishers



Amerex manufactures a full line of hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, both 'compliance' (code required) and 'specialty' types.

    • Five-year warranty
    • All-metal valve construction
    • Rust-free aluminum cylinders
    • Durable high-gloss polyester powder paint
    • Temperature range from -22°F to 120°F
    • Meets many hospital medical equipment requirements
    • Large loop stainless steel pull pin
    • Bar coded and bilingual labels
    • USCG-approved with bracket listed on UL label

CARBON DIOXIDE is discharged as a white cloud of “snow” which smothers a fire by eliminating oxygen. It is effective for Class B flammable liquids and is electrically non-conductive. Carbon Dioxide is a clean, non-contaminating, odorless gas.

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