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Tube water jetting can remove years of built-up grease, sludge, and other residue and debris inside pipes and drains. Water jetting services are often employed after a video inspection reveals grease or sludge inside piping systems. For water jet cleaning of industrial pipes and drain, water is propelled at various pressures and volumes into the drain/pipe to flush away residue and debris. American Aqua Blasters, Inc. uses rotation speed controlled water jets with high-pressure seals and replaceable jets and the ability to track around a 3” to 6” short radius pipe elbow American Aqua Blasters, Inc. self-rotating water jetting nozzles for 10-15-K, and 20-40-K psi.

High-pressure water jetting is a perfect choice for cleaning process drains, totes, closed head drums, water well screens, ducts, evaporator tubes and exhaust stacks. Both liquid and compact waste can be flushed out of the pipes by using high pressure water jetting and suction units that combine vacuum and air movement technology. Pipe water jetting can remove and flush polymers, coke, coatings and latex—anything that is clogging tubes or pipes 1” or larger. When used with centralizers, high pressure water jetting will clean pipes from 3” to 60” in diameter, and can handle straight tubes as tight as 1” in diameter.

  • Picture #1 was done with a polisher nozzle or with a spinner not rotating or that was feed in too fast.
  • Picture #2 was with a spinner nozzle with good rotation and feed in at the correct rate.

During water jet cleaning, a water jet (cutter, Polisher or a spinner-polisher) is connected to a high-pressure water pump, and water is ejected through the nozzle. The water stream cuts through targeted debris and residue using high pressure water.

Cutter is a nozzle that has at least 1 jet forward but some times as many as 5 jets and the rest back.

Polisher is a nozzle that has all jets facing backwards.

Spinner nozzle is a nozzle that has ether a cutter or a polisher on the end and a spinner behind it at 90o angles that rotates at a high speed.

The high-pressure water-jet spray is emitted as pressurized water, spraying in all directions. If needed, the water jetting tools can use viscous size jets and can operate with two to ten jets in balance. Different jet configurations for unplugging or polishing allow for maximum productivity no matter which function is chosen.

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