American Manufacturing Co.

- Model 450 - Piston Pump


Pump Model: AL1118, AL1122; Configuration: Horizontal Triplex Piston; Number of Pistons: 3; Stroke Length: 2.75 Inches (69.9 mm); Frame Load Rating: 6000 lbs. (2.724 kg); Pump Weight: 460 lbs. (209 kg); Direction of Rotation: Top of Shaft away from head; Internal Gear Rotation: 3.6:1; Intermittent Duty Speed Rating: 1,275 RPM (Jackshaft); Continuous Duty Speed Rating: 900 RPM (Jackshaft); Ball Valve Max Speed Rating: 690 RPM (Jackshaft); Minimum Speed: 360 RPM; Mechanical Efficiency: 85%; Lubrication System: Splash, Gravity Return; Lube Oil Capacity: 1 Gallon; Lube Oil Type: SAE 30; Maximum Fluid Temperature: 140°F (250° Capability); Minimum Fluid Temperature: 0°F (-20° Capability); Standard Suction Size: 2.50 Inch NPT (63.5 mm); Standard Discharge Size: 1.25 Inch NPT (31.8 mm); Fluid End Material: Ductile Iron; Valve Type: Disc Valves/ Ball Valves; Hydraulic Motor Mount: SAE C - 4 Bolt with 1.25”-14T

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