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- Model NEMA TC6/TC8 - Conduit



American Pipe & Plastics' NEMA TC6/TC8 conduit is available in 20 foot lengths with bell and spigot ends. Certain diameters are available in 10 foot lenghts. Spigot end is chamfered and marked with a depth ring. Sweeps and bends are manufactured to NEMA TC9 spedifications and have bell and spigot ends.

TC6/TC8 conduit is guaranteed against rot, rust, electrolytic corrosion and to be free from defect in materials and workmanship. Manufacturers' responsibility under this guarantee is limited to furnishing sufficient product to replace materials acknowledged to be defective.

RUS Listed

Sweeps and bends for NEMA TC6/TC8 conduit are manufactured to NEMA TC9 specifications. Sweeps and bends have bell and spigot ends. Bends and sweeps are not UL listed.

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