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- Model AC200 - Acid Ultra Cleaner

Clean labware is essential for trace metal analysis. Traditional cleaning procedures of glassware and other labware with nitric acid such as acid soaking and microwave cleaning can be time-consuming and yield less-than-ideal results. With Acid Ultra Cleaning, we are pleased to offer today's lab technician a better solution. Acid Ultra Cleaner, also known as Acid Steam Cleaning System or Trace Cleaning System, uses acid vapor to clean the microwave digestion liners in a sealed chamber. Through a built-in temperature-control heating system, all trace metal contaminants soluble in acid can be safely and efficiently removed by acid vapor. The used acid will then be drained from the chamber to prevent the extracted contaminants from being reintroduced to the cleaned vessels.

Acid SoakingThe least efficient method
  • Low efficiency, usually lasts for more than 24 hours, needs an extra set of digestion liners to back up, and the cost is extremely high;
  • The acid tank presents many safety concerns as excess acid gas may leak and pollute the laboratory environment;
  • Regular acid replacement is necessary to avoid cross-contamination which leads to high acid consumption and dangerous handling of concentrated acids;
  • Requires manual rinsing and drying after soaking which is tedious and may cause secondary contamination.
Microwave Digestion CleaningAcceptable results with several drawbacks
  • Each digestion liner consumes 5mL of high purity acid for cleaning.
  • Requires costly, extremely pure acid, Trace Metal grade or higher is often required, leading to high operating costs.
  • Process is extremely harmful to digestion liners which therefore requires frequent replacement at high costs.
  • Requires manual rinsing and drying after soaking which is tedious and may cause secondary contamination.
Acid Ultra CleaningThe best possible results
  • High efficiency: Up to 66 digestion liners (55mL) can be handled per batch;
  • Shorter times: It generally takes only 3-5 hours with efficient leaching of hot vapor;
  • Lower acid consumption: Only 100-300mL of trace metal grade concentrated acid is required per batch to get low ppt level cleaning;
  • Software controlled, resulting in good cleaning reproducibility;
  • Automatic rinsing and drying can be performed after acid cleaning by the automatic model, offering one-stop service.

In 2015, Amerlab set the bar for labware cleaning with the AC100 Auto Ultra Cleaner which offered a unique three-in-one unit capable of automated acid cleaning, rinsing and drying.

This innovation offered new levels of efficiency and quality control and was highly praised by the market.
Today, Amerlab is pleased to offer the AC200 which combines the best of our previous model with pre-cleaning and many other innovative functions.

Real Temperature Control (RTC)Sub-boiling Guaranteed
The specially treated temperature sensor has the same corrosion resistance as PTFE material.
So, it can be directly immersed into the acid to measure the real temperature of the acid liquid instead of the heater.
As a result, accurate temperature control ensures that the acid liquid keeps sub-boiling during the purification process.
Automatic Acid DilutionNo chemical hazard
For most applications, a concentrated 69%(w/w) nitric acid is unnecessary. AC200 can be programmed to automatically dilute the acid to any desired concentration.
Zero human contact with the acid.
Patent pending.
Acid Vapor ScrubberNo need for a hood
Traditionally, both the cleaning chamber and the waste bottle required an air vent to maintain air pressure balance, resulting in inevitable acid vapor leakage.
AC200 uses a unique high-performance acid vapor scrubber which eliminates this problem - yielding an absorbing efficiency over 99% and an adsorbing capacity of 50%.
Patent pending.