- Model Lancom 4 - Compact Portable Multi-Gas Analyser System



Compact portable multigas analyser, capable of measuring up to eight flue gases in a range of combustion and emissions processes. Lancom 4 delivers the complete solution for portable flue gas analysis, integrated into a compact battery-powered unit able to measure up to eight gases simultaneously with nine separate sensors. Simple to set-up and easy to operate, Lancom 4 enables highly accurate spot and semi-continuous gas testing adaptable to a wide variety of applications – ensuring your plant maintains full compliance with safety and emissions requirements.

Customisable to specific gas measurements and process stream conditions, a resilient stainless steel probe extracts the gas sample while advanced real-time processing techniques produce the highly accurate combustion and emissions calculations you need.

Easy to service and maintain, Lancom 4 is the ideal choice for industries burning coal, natural gas, oil or biomass, including applications in Glass, Power Generation, Hydrocarbon Processing, Natural Gas Compressor Stations , Minerals and Industrial Boilers.

Multigas Analysis Made Simple
Power up Lancom 4 and be ready to measure in minutes. Supported by automatic zero calibration and continuous system diagnostics, excellent analytical performance is maintained throughout a long-life eight-hour battery charge.

All the Measurements that Matter
All major flue gases are monitored, including oxygen, carbon monoxide (low, H2 compensated, high), sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides (both NO and NO2), carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, and hydrocarbons. The standard probe is suitable for most applications and is available in lengths from 0.3 m (1 ft) to 3 m (10 ft). High-temperature and DrySampler probes are available for the most challenging conditions. Optional probes allow Lancom 4 to measure smoke spot number and flow velocity.

Make Process Decisions Faster
Data is displayed on the intuitive multi-language interface. An internal data logger stores your measurements for analysis, and data can be imported directly into any spreadsheet. or viewed using the free Insight data acquisition software system so you can make process decisions with more confidence, more quickly.

Lancom 4 is AMETEK Land’s complete analysis solution for portable flue gas analysis.

  • Monitoring of up 17 measurement parameters
  • Up to 9 gas measurements in a single instrument
  • High quality color display
  • Multiple Language support
  • USB Communications Support
  • Weighs only 6 kg (13 lbs)
  • Robust, industrial design
  • Wake and Sleep, semi-continuous operation mode
  • Range of user selectable options
  • Data acquisition & analysis software
  • Simple field upgrade
  • Meets ASTM D-6522 with Dry Sampler probe
  • Convenient Catchpot -Visible and Accessible
  • Clip-In Filters - Quick to change

  • One instrument to meet all requirements
  • User selectable
  • Visualise your data with new widescreen display
  • Navigate the menu in 6 major languages (others available upon request)
  • Simple interface to PC and data transfer - supports USB memory sticks
  • Easily carried around plant with shoulder strap
  • For daily use in the harshest plant environments
  • For periodic unattended operation
  • Ideally matched to application requirements
  • Capture, calculate, and report data on your PC
  • Add features and options as and when required
  • Report generation to recognised standards
  • Side mounted, highly visible for fast and easy removal and emptying
  • Recessed into the side; replacement is straightforward


High Color Display
New high resolution color display supports a multilingual, simple user interface.

Flue Gas & Ambient Temperature
The analyser takes a direct thermocouple temperature measurement of the flue gas, and has an ambient temperature sensor fitted. These are required for making accurate combustion efficiency calculations.

Easy Access Sensors
Each sensor is installed in its own unique position. Replacing a sensor is a simple process and takes only a few minutes. Unclip the side panel for access, swap the sensor and re-calibrate.

Straightforward Servicing
Service is simple via the menu driven software. Self diagnostic checks are run continuously on calibration status and battery life.

Setup and Measure Within Minutes
Simply switch on, an automatic zero calibration is performed by the analyser. Plug in the sample probe and take real-time gas readings in a matter of minutes.

Standard Features

  • Data log up to 250,000 records
  • Wake and Sleep Function
  • Insight PC software (free download)
  • Carry Case

  • Display: Full function color LCD with backlight, wide QVGA display
  • Keypad: Tactile membrane (integral with display) function keys and cursors
  • Indicators: LED for ON (Power), Stand-by, Charge, Low Battery, Fault
  • Power Supply: 95-265 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 30 Watts. Battery, rechargeable lead-acid (internal), Typical 8 hour operation, dependent on options fitted
  • Ambient Temperature: -5 °C to 45 °C (+23 °F to 113 °F)
  • Case: Medium density blended polyethylene
  • Dimensions: 453 x 120 x 245 mm (17.8’’ x 4.7’’ x 9.6 inches)
  • Weight: 6 kg (13 lb)
  • Standard Accessories:
    • Integral Water Catchpot and Filters
    • Battery Charger Supply
    • Data Logging
    • Insight Data Acquisition Software (free download) 
    • Wake and Sleep facility (Semi-continuous monitoring) 
    • Carry Case
  • Options:
    • Min of 3 to max 9 gases in total, from a selection of 9 gases
    • Probe length options - 0.3, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 m/1, 3.3, 5, 6.5, 10 ft
    • Hose length options - 3 m/10 ft or 10 m/33 ft
    • Draft Measurement
    • Flow Measurement
    • Smoke Measurement
    • Analogue outputs (eight 4-20 m A outputs)
    • Languages - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish & Chinese; others available
    • External Printer

Measurement Specifications:

*Calibration per ASTM D-6522 or LAND factory procedure.
**True measurement if sensor fitted (calculated if not).
***Reduced to ± 25 hPa / 10’’ Water Gauge when used with flow probe.
#Operating at maximum possible range may affect sensor life and accuracy.


Boiler Servicing
Industrial boilers should be setup to maximise their combustion efficiency. Measurement of O2 and CO along with efficiency calculations, make the Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyser an essential tool to all engineers performing industrial boiler service. Optimum boiler performance not only leads to cost saving on fuel but can also reduce NOx emissions.


Gas Combined Heat and Power plants
Gas turbines are increasingly being installed for power generation, many of these with waste heat recovery for steam generation. These plants can effectively use a Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyser for monitoring emissions, typically at very low levels.


On all power utility boilers there are many fixed analysers monitoring flue gas for combustion efficiency and emissions. The Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyser offers a simple solution to check the functionality and accuracy of these fixed installations.

The Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyser is also be used by plant engineers to obtain research data which can aid in the development of more fuel efficient systems. In some countries a portable analyser can also be used as a back-up in case of failure of the continuous emissions monitoring system.


Cement Kiln
Limestone and shale are heated to very high temperatures and calcined in a rotary kiln to produce cement clinker. Measurement of the kiln exhaust gases is important as NOx levels are directly related to the calcination temperature. The Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyser provides accurate and repeatable measurements of NO, NO2 and total NOx levels which allows the plant to improve quality ensures good product.

The process can also produce high levels of carbon monoxide which can cause explosions in the precipitator if left unchecked. The Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyser can be useful to check the function of permanent monitoring systems.


Glass Industry
Glass is melted by heating to high temperature silica sand and other materials in a large refractory tank with a regenerator burner arrangement. The burners are gas or oil fired and so, in most regions, emissions have to be monitored. The Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyser is widely used to monitor these emissions. The Standard Probe features a sintered filter, important in this application, to remove particulate from the gas sample, enabling accurate measurement to be made.


Paper Mills
Large volumes of water are used during the manufacture of paper. Typically, a series of cylinders are used to dry the paper, consuming large volumes of steam. In order to ensure sufficient steam is available, all paper mills have large boiler houses and monitoring of emissions is often required on a shift basis. Measurements made with the Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyser allow the Boiler Plant Manager to trim the boiler controls, maximising efficiency and reducing fuel costs.


Transport of oil and gas over long distances is often achieved by large diameter pipelines. In order to ensure fuel flow, turbine and reciprocating compressor stations are located at regular intervals along the pipeline. The turbine or compressor is fuelled by the content of the pipe line. These pumping stations are usually small and remotely located, but regular emissions checks are required and can be made using the Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyser.


In the refinery the Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyser is typically used in the exhaust stack, from combustion or process plant where fuel is burnt (e.g. a tube cracking furnace). All combustion processes produce different emissions gases depending on the fuel burnt and processed. It is quite usual on these plants to burn fuels which are residues from the refining process. This often leads to high emissions levels of pollutant gases and therefore regular checks are required.

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